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Welcome, one and all to the Patalliro Fan Club! From the hardcore fans to those who are simply curious about this series, membership is open to everyone who wish to support this hilarious series.

:rose:What is Patalliro?

Patalliro! is a manga series by Mineo Maya. First released in 1979, this Japanese comic is at 86 volumes and is still ongoing! It has been adapted into a two season anime as well as a spinoff anime.

Patalliro! follows the hilarious adventures of the unusual ten-year-old crowned prince of Malynera: Patalliro du Malyner VIII. A hyper boy of great intelligence with a childish attitude (and an affinity for bad puns) is a magnet for trouble.

Enter MI-6 agent Bancoran a.k.a. "the Pretty Boy Killer". Assigned once as the prince's bodyguard during his highness's stay in Britain he was doomed from then on to forever be roped into Patalliro's misadventures. Using his 00 license to kill and his ability to make any bishounen swoon under his gaze (hence his nickname) to resolve all the problems caused by the troublesome prince.

One of those problems resolved by Bancoran was an assassin sent to kill the prince: Maraich. The MI-6 agent 'persuaded' the pretty boy assassin to switch sides and, eventually, become his lover. Thus Maraich became another unwilling accomplice to the prince's shenanigans.

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:new: :rose: Submission Guidelines :rose:

:bulletgreen: We accept all types of submissions as long as they are Patalliro related! (traditional art, digital art, literature, crafts, costumes, etc)

:bulletgreen: We will accept submissions with mature content so long as it has been marked as such, censoring the work to those who shouldn't or don't want to see mature content.

:bulletred: We will not accept any submissions with offensive content such as rape, racism, shota, personal attacks, etc.
Hello everyone and welcome to the Patalliro Fan Club! I'm the founder of the group, Mistina. I created this club because my friend and I were having trouble locating fellow Patalliro fans. I felt that it was probably because they didn't have many places to mingle with other fans (I can name one: livejournal... that's about it.). Thus I created this club.

Seeing as I have no previous experience running a club, I will be counting on all of you to help me. Don't panic, though, I'm not going to be asking for much. Actually, I'll be asking for three teeny tiny things:

1. Suggestions.
Consider this journal entry a suggestion box. Have a suggestion? Post a comment a comment here.

What kind of information I should be putting on the front page? What you would like to see from this club? Games? Contests? Social networking? Series information resources? etc.

2. Report Issues.
Consider this journal entry as a place to report glitches as well. Have a problem? Post a comment here.

Please let me know if anything isn't working as it should. I'm still fiddling with all the settings and I might have missed a thing or two... or three...

3. Spread the word!
If you know anyone who would be interested in this club, please let them know!

Of course, you don't have to do all of these. You could just two, or one, or none at all if you want. Just know that all help will be greatly appreciated.

I thank you in advance and I look forward to meeting all of you. <3

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hi!!!!!!!!!!! I love patalliro. Do you know where can i find this manga just raw? since there is only 14 vol translated.
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it's great to find a group dedicated to Patalliro!
all works are very good *_*
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We shall organize and others will finally see what a good series they have missed out on for all this time!
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This is amazing! The mere excistance of this club makes me dance with joy~
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